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Go on a journey of discovery. Explore the artists and artworks of the Brandhorst Collection and get creative yourself: no matter how, when or where!


Would you like to visit the museum with your class and teach exciting art projects during lessons?

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Are you looking for playful art activities, do you like crafts, and would you like to visit the museum with your family?

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Are you interested in current topics? Would you like to help shape the museum?

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Contemporary art fascinates you, but also raises many questions you’d like to explore in detail?

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Come along on an art expedition!

Accompany our faithful resident ghost Spira on forays through the Brandhorst Collection and the current exhibitions. Find out more about the artworks and get creative yourself!

Spira, Me and Art

Youth Club

Become part of the youth club and discuss various topical issues with other art enthusiasts every Thursday evening. Take a look behind the scenes, ask the museum staff questions, develop your own ideas and organize projects with the museum team!

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What does this have to do with me?

Explore the artists and artworks of the Brandhorst Collection and get creative yourself: no matter how, when or where!

Andy Warhol , Flowers, 1965, UAB 507

Art, Artist, Action!

How are works of art created and what materials do artists actually work with? What themes are dealt with in the works? Here you have the opportunity to browse for different impulses, to find out more about the artistic processes, materials and questions and to become active and creative yourself.

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Theme Worlds

Contemporary art - and what does that have to do with me? Technology & media, identity, social criticism? These topics might sound familiar to you. The artists in our collection also deal with them. Choose from 10 themes and embark on an exciting journey!

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Skulptur einer Handprothese in der aktuellen Ausstellung 'Future Bodies from a Recent Past' am Museum Brandhorst in München

Explore, what art can be!

Every Thursday evening, Saturday and Sunday, you can join free public programs. We offer different formats for kids, teens and adults with a wide range of topics. No registration necessary.

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Find your topics. Discover, what contemporary art has to do with you.

About the Factory

No matter how, when or where—the “Factory” is an open creative laboratory. It is an artistic production space that is part of Museum Brandhorst. A wide variety of materials and media can be used there to create your own works of art.
At the same time, the digital program here on the website enables visitors to conduct their own creative experiments in the footsteps of our artists, regardless of their location.

How did we go about developing it? How can you help shape it and get involved? What are our plans for the future? And who supported us in the process?

You can find the answers here

Public Programs

Are you looking for a workshop or a guided tour, or would you like to tune into the museum from your home or school. You will find what you are looking for in the calendar.