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How are works of art created and what materials do artists actually work with? What themes are dealt with in the works? And how can I myself become artistically active? In Museum Brandhorst’s “Factory” you will soon have the opportunity to find out and become creative yourself. Here you can learn all about the project and how you can help shape it.

What is behind the “Factory”?

No matter how, when or where – the “Factory” is an open creative laboratory. It consists of an art education room in the museum and an online platform. It creates an artistic production space that enables visitors to conduct their own creative experiments, following the traces of our artists. A variety of materials and media can be used on site to create artworks of your own. The digital platform also brings impulses and experiments in artistic techniques both into your home and into the classroom. The Brandhorst Collection can be discovered and further explored in a playful way.


Both are currently under development and should be usable on site and virtually by 2022. We are testing design thinking methods and developing the formats further by means of various design sprints, the results of which are currently being tested with a selected public. The feedback will in turn flow into the next round of development. In parallel, we are exchanging ideas with numerous institutions and individuals and entering into various collaborations in order to improve the quality of art education across institutions. For this valuable exchange, we would like to thank not only many teachers and private individuals, but also the Museumspädagogisches Zentrum, the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, the Catholic University Eichstädt-Ingolstadt, the University of Television and Film Munich, as well as the Pi.lot:innen project and Jugend hackt, as well as the other projects of the “dive in” program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, to name just a few.

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Eine Frau hält ein Handy vor eine bunte Malerei der zeitgenössischer Kunst.

The online platform

A creative laboratory for the home or the classroom: the “Factory” online platform on the Museum Brandhorst website represents a digital extension of the art education space. It offers thematic impulses and journeys of discovery to our collection. The programs make it possible to trace various artistic positions, works, and techniques – even outside the walls of the museum, in keeping with your own interests and time constraints.

Upcoming Events

Guided tour

Andy Warhol and the dark side of Pop

Guided tour

Brandhorst Collection – Lawler, Twombly, Warhol


Pop-Up Factory: Material World

Workshop Online

A body grows from a thread. Urban Knitting


How can the “Factory” be developed collaboratively?

We would like to (further) develop our programs with your participation. This means they are subject to constant reflection and adaptation. The goal is to take up current discourses and socially relevant topics related to the collection and to make them relevant and exciting for our visitors.


We are also designing our online program in this way. The prototype of our “Factory” platform is evolving bit by bit. Currently, our prototype looks like a real website, but it is actually a virtual dummy with limited functionality (a so-called “clickdummy”). This clickdummy allows us to share development stages directly with you and get feedback on them. This way, we can jointly improve the concept of the platform until its implementation and release.


The clickdummy and various events invite you to get to know the “Factory” and help shape its development. Get in touch with us if you would like to test our clickdummy. We welcome feedback, suggestions or ideas for the “Factory”:


Janina Horn, Program Manager, Factory

E-mail: janina.horn@museum-brandhorst.de

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The Makerspace

The “Factory” art education space will open at Museum Brandhorst in 2022. The makerspace is based on one of the main focuses of our collection, Andy Warhol and his famous studio in New York. Warhol represents not only painting, but also screen printing, film, dance, music, book and magazine production. Our “Factory” will also be a site of boundless experimentation. The space, like the museum itself, is being designed by the architectural firm Sauerbruch Hutton. Thanks to the multimedia equipment, a wide variety of artistic techniques can be tried out in introductory and advanced courses. Open studio formats invite visitors to explore various experimental stations and use them for their own projects.

Until we open

And, action: get creative yourself and learn more about the artists? Take a closer look at a work of art and discuss it with others? The ActioncARTs provide numerous ideas for getting involved with art in a practical way and in discussions, whether in the museum, at home or at school.


Until the “Factory” opens, there is already a lot to discover in our media library. Our PostcARTs, children’s activity booklets and videos offer many ways to learn about the collection.

How can the “Factory” be supported?

We want to continuously develop and improve the “Factory” to meet the needs of a wide variety of target groups, to do justice to the complexity of general social issues, and to inspire an artistic view of the world. If you support these concerns or would like to learn more about the Factory, we would be happy to hear from you:


Kirsten Storz, Project Manager, Factory

E-Mail: kirsten.storz@museum-brandhorst.de

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