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For kids

Together with the artists and their artworks, we will embark on a journey through the Brandhorst Collection. Let’s go!

Workshops and guided tours

Getting creative in the museum: Every Saturday and Sunday we offer free children’s and family programs with changing themes and techniques. Workshops and guided tours, here in the museum or remotely on every second Monday: there is something for everyone.

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Art expedition

Getting to know art in a playful way: Our art expeditions take you on a journey through current exhibitions and to special art topics. Whether as a printed booklet in the exhibition or interactively on our website... You find all of them in our media gallery or click below for the latest adventure.

Spira, me and art

Getting creative at home

Our creative projects bring a variety of exciting ideas to your home. Whether with your siblings or parents, there are lots of things to try out and experiment with. In addition, you will find information about artists in our collection and their artworks.

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Kinder und Familienprogramm im Museum Brandhorst: Entdecker Tour, Pop-Up Factory

Free admission

Children and teenagers up to 18 years of age enjoy free admission to Museum Brandhorst. Free tickets are available online or at the museum ticket office.

Kids Factory

The Kids Factory is a program for children up to 12 years of age, inviting them to get creative in their own way. In our free workshops we show you the topics and techniques that interest artists.

All dates

We discover colors and shapes, listen to exciting stories and experiment with different techniques.

And: Action!

With our creative projects you can also try out different techniques at home. For example, how about a buddy for you or Xen? Or a painted story?

Creative projects

Work texts for children

Mark Leckey UniAddDumThs “ANIMAL”, 2014-ongoing

Artists in the Brandhorst Collection

Get to know our artists, hear exciting stories and discover their themes and works!


You can look at, listen to and try out so many things here!

On a voyage of discovery

Explore the exhibition “Future Bodies” with “Xen” the cyborg in our children’s activity booklet—either in the museum or from your own home. “Xen” invites you to travel through time. There is a lot to discover: technological developments, body images and new friends.

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