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Spot On

Brandhorst Flag Commission: Nora Turato

Permanent exhibition

Cy Twombly at Museum Brandhorst


For teens

Go on a journey through the Brandhorst Collection with its artists and their artworks. You can look at, listen to and try out loads of things here. Let’s go!

Help shape the museum

Become part of the pi.lot project and get trained as a museum guide in a one-week seminar. And that’s just the beginning: We will help you create podcasts and videos, or you can set up an event with us. Let’s develop ideas together.

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Technology and media, identity, social criticism? Contemporary art is diverse, just like its themes! We have collected some of those here, which also occupy artists in our collection.

Discover the themes
Be creative

Would you like to get artistic at home and create art using different techniques? Or take a closer look at artists and their works? Then take a look at our creative projects that artists and our team have prepared for you.

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Außenansicht Fassade Museum BrandhorstArchitektur von Sauerbruch und Hutton

Free admission

Children and teenagers up to 18 years of age enjoy free admission to Museum Brandhorst. Free tickets are available online or at the museum ticket office.

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Workshops, workshops, workshops

Every Thursday evening and Sunday there are free workshops on various topics and techniques. There is something for everyone.

Workshop Kids & Families

Open Factory | Robodada


Silver Factory

Workshop Kids & Families

Open Factory

Workshop Kids & Families

Open Factory | ABC of signs


Get involved

You would like to tell us your opinion about the Factory, have further ideas or would like to get actively involved, for example in a youth advisory board, and make the Brandhorst Museum even more attractive for young people?

Then write to us: factory@museum-brandhorst.de


Who was that again...?! Get to know our artists, hear exciting stories from their lives and discover their themes and works!

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And: Action!

Would you like to get artistic at home and create art using different techniques? Or take a closer look at artists and their works and discuss them with others? Find ideas here.

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Pi.lot Project

In a one-week seminar, young people aged 14 and older can train to become art experts and museum hides at Museum Brandhorst and the Pinakothek der Moderne. Under the guidance of experts, they learn about the backgrounds and contexts of modern art and design, while practicing public speaking and communication.

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