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Youth Club

Do you enjoy immersing yourself in enigmatic works of art? Would you like to inspire others to share their thoughts with you? Would you like to get to know the museum better and help shape it? Become part of the youth club and exchange ideas with other art enthusiasts on various topical issues every Thursday evening. Discuss, experiment and develop your own formats for communicating contemporary art!

What does the Youth Club offer?

Take a look behind the scenes of the museum: meet staff, socialize with other visitors, expand your network, exchange ideas, get to know the collection, get creative yourself and much more! With the youth club, you can immerse yourself in contemporary art and Museum Brandhorst. The program and its projects will help you to gain new skills and experiences.


How can you get involved?

We meet every Thursday at 5.30 pm in the Factory Room at Museum Brandhorst. Sometimes we get creative ourselves, sometimes we talk about the museum and art, sometimes we develop our own projects. Just check our calendar to see what’s coming up! No registration required, and it’s free of charge.

Do you have little or no experience with museums and art, but are still interested? You are very welcome at the youth club!


Would you like to delve deeper?

Join the pi.lot project and train to become a museum guide in a one-week seminar. Learn all about your favorite work and prepare your presentation! You can then present it to visitors once a month on a Sunday. You will enrich the museum’s experience and have an exciting task yourself.

More information & registration
Drei Mädchen beim Gestalten bei einem Workshop der Factory, Museum Brandhorst.

Would you like to have greater influence?

Do you want to delve even deeper and help shape everyday museum life? Then sign up for a project lasting several weeks! In block seminars, you can gain valuable experience and learn new skills and techniques: How do I present a work of art? How do I produce an audio track for my favorite work? How do I develop a creative project with friends in which others can participate?

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to:
Places are limited so that we can work in smaller groups of a maximum of 15 people. Please include a short paragraph explaining why you would like to take part in the project.

Silver Factory

As part of the youth club, you can take part in the "Silver Factory" workshops every second Thursday at 6 pm. There, you can get creative as the mood takes you. Inspired by Andy Warhol's famous studio, the Silver Factory, a wide variety of techniques and themes invite you to try out varied, cross-media artistic activities.


What can you expect from the youth club?

The program aims to take you into the world of contemporary art and art museums. It offers you opportunities to exchange ideas on various topics with other young people, museum staff and external professionals. The format provides a suitable framework for critically engaging with contemporary art and museums.

The aim is to give you an insight into the research, exhibition planning, presentation and communication of contemporary art. We keep the youth club up to date on the various projects and formats in the museum and support the club’s own projects. So this is how you can help shape Museum Brandhorst!

Drei Mädchen beim Gestalten bei einem Workshop der Factory, Museum Brandhorst.