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Talks, Performances, Workshops and Music

To coincide with their individual exhibitions, the Munich-based institutions Lenbachhaus, Haus der Kunst and Museum Brandhorst collaborate on a long weekend of public programs on July 28–31.


Technobodies focuses on the impact of new technologies on the visual and sonic arts. Starting from discourses rooted in the 1960s–’70s, Technobodies explores the relationship of human bodies to technologies today. What is the effect of technology on the hybridization of bodies? How do our bodies respond to the physical movements of analog and digital sounds in space? Can we understand expanding media environments through an ecological lens? To what extent is human creativity impacted by an information landscape? Are we even able to draw lines between technology and bodies? These and related questions will be addressed over three days of lectures, talks, screenings, performances, and events.

Program on July, 31 at Museum Brandhorst


12–7 pm (Lower Level)

Aktivierung I Activation “Motion Sickness Exercise”

von I by Angela Stiegler & Shila Rastizadeh


Fokus guided tour Franziska Linhardt on Nicola L.


2 pm*

Fokus guided tour Patrizia Dander on Atsuko Tanaka


3 pm (Café Zebra)

Artists’ Talk Angela Stiegler & Shila Rastizadeh

in conversation with Franziska Linhardt


4 pm*

Fokus guided tour Monika Bayer-Wermuth on Franz West, Sarah Lucas


5 pm (Café Zebra)

Artist Talk Aleksandra Domanović

in conversation with Patrizia Dander & Franziska Linhardt


6 pm*

Fokus guided tour

Barbara Dabanoğlu on Bruce Nauman


7 pm (Café Zebra)

Artist Talk Stephanie Dinkins

in conversation with Alex Estorick


Until 10 pm

Drinks and music


* Meeting point guided tours: Info point in the lobby

Included in the admission price | Please pick up your ticket at the information desk no later than 15 minutes before the tour starts

Besucherinnen vor großer Skulptur


Mouse on Mars. Spatial Jitter
9. April–18. September 2022


Haus der Kunst

Fujiko Nakaya. Nebel Leben
April 8–July 31, 2022


Dumb Type
May 6–September 11, 2022


Carsten Nicolai: transmitter / receiver
the machine and the gardener
June 3–August 21, 2022


Tony Cokes: Fragments, or just Moments
June 9–October 23, 2022


Jenna Sutela: HMO Nutrix
July 27–August 29, 2022


Museum Brandhorst
Future Bodies from a Recent Past: Sculpture, Technology, and the Body since the 1950s
June 2, 2022–January 15, 2023