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Spot on: Symbols of our time – Andy Warhol

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And: Action! Do you want to get creative and learn more about the artists? Examine an artwork closely and discuss it with others? The ActioncARTs provide plenty of impulses for getting stuck into art, whether practically or in conversation, whether in the museum, at home or at school. From painting and photography to concept art, fashion, street art and subculture, the ActioncARTs provide not only pupils with a playful approach to the exciting world of contemporary art! And sometimes it is closer to our own world than we realize.


What everyday icons does our consumer-oriented society create? Which consumer items do we revere?


The ActioncARTs are a project of the MPZ in close cooperation with Museum Brandhorst. The cards are available online and will soon also be available here at the museum for school classes to take with them.

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Artwork: "Hammer and Sickle" from Andy Warhol
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