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Curator Jacob Proctor about the exhibition “Lucy McKenzie – Prime Suspect”

Cover des Videos 'Kuartor Jacob Proctor über die Ausstellung 'Lucy McKenzie - Prime Suspect'', digitale Eröffnungsrede zu Vernissage im Museum Brandhorst, vor Werk 'Faux Shop' von Lucy McKenzie

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Opening speech on 09.09.2020 by curator Jacob Proctor at Museum Brandhorst.

The exhibition “Lucy McKenzie – Prime Suspect”, with its many entanglements and interconnections, invites you on a detective trail through the lower level of Museum Brandhorst. Like Miss Marple, as McKenzie herself describes it, she follows different traces in her works with the aim of connecting historical and contemporary eras and people.
The objects and protagonists in Lucy’s works are linked together like signposts, thus encouraging us – as active riddles – to search for new interpretations.



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Lucy McKenzie – Prime Suspect