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Art Education | Factory, Museum Brandhorst

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In this short video, we introduce you to Museum Brandhorst’s “Factory” and everything that awaits you there. No matter how, when or where—here you will find information about the artist and artworks in the Brandhorst Collection, as well as numerous impulses to be creative yourself. Whether workshops or guided tours in the museum, creative projects with DIY videos on the website or remotely by video conference, there is something here for everyone.

To access the Factory web pages click here. We look forward to your visit—whether online or in the museum.


The Factory is a project of Museum Brandhorst, carried out in close cooperation with the Museum Educational Center Munich (Museumspädagogische Zentrum München, MPZ) and the pi.lot project. We would like to thank all visitors, pupils, teachers and participants for their contribution to this video and to the development of the Factory!


The Factory team in order of appearance:

Kirsten Storz (Project Lead, Factory), Dr. Beat Rossmy (Art Education, Museum Brandhorst), Ricarda Wolf (MPZ), Funda Karaca (Art Education, Museum Brandhorst), Susanne Theil (MPZ), Janina Rüger (Art Education, Museum Brandhorst), Kirsten Storz (Project Lead, Factory), Sara Zerrouki (pi.lot project), Dr. Beat Rossmy (Art Education, Museum Brandhorst), Jochen Meister (Art Education, Museum Brandhorst), Kirsten Storz (Project Lead, Factory)