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Anna McCarthy & Paulina Nolte: Bloodless Brandhorst (2020)

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In the third part of their film series BLOODLESS Anna McCarthy and Paulina Nolte transform themselves into vampires and the Brandhorst Museum into a scene of mysterious events.

Set in candy tones the dark and deadpan stories of Anna McCarthy’s and fellow artist Paulina Nolte’s vegetarian TV series BLOODLESS are reacting to current travesties in a lost-in-reverie kind of way. With two wealthy overstrung ladies fretting over the soul of a luxury handbag the 1st episode BLOODLESS BOUTIQUE from 2019 set the tone for the sequel. Followed by BLOODLESS POOL in summer 2020 the third episode BLOODLESS BRANDHORST has been commissioned by Museum Brandhorst and will be premiered on the occasion of Kino der Kunst: ”Welcome to reality, Madame.”


Program of the Museum Brandhorst as part of KINO DER KUNST