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Lucy McKenzie – Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect is the first international survey exhibition of the Brussels-based Scottish artist Lucy McKenzie (b. 1977). The exhibition at Museum Brandhorst brings together all of the artist’s significant bodies of work from 1997 to the present. This extensive and profusely illustrated catalogue documents the full range of McKenzie’s oeuvre. From her early works exploring the pageantry and iconography of international sport and the politics of postwar muralism, through her engagement with fin-de-siècle architecture and interior design and mid-century Belgian illustration, to her ongoing research into the intertwined histories of art, fashion and retail display, McKenzie has established herself among the most singular artistic voices of her generation.

  • Edited byJacob Proctor for Museum Brandhorst
  • With contributions fromMason Leaver-Yap, Leah Pires, Anne Pontégnie, and Jacob Proctor, as well as a short story by Lucy McKenzie
  • PublisherVerlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne
  • Format21,5 x 27 cm
  • Book format336 Pages | 282 Illustrations
  • DesignHIT
  • LanguageGerman & English
  • ISBN-No.978-3-96098-852-6
  • Price44 Euro at the museum

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Lucy McKenzie – Prime Suspect