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With people in space

Creative project Factory

Key data

I can do alone: No
Required time: < 20 minutes
Locations: Home, Outside, Workroom
Theme world: Space

Instructions for making it yourself

You will need

  • a partner or a group
  • string, for example a ball of wool

Step 1

Find a spot in the room or space you are in, whether at home, outside, or in the museum.


Make invisible lines in the room or space visible: Connect your positions with strings.


Now walk along the paths that have been created: What do you notice?

Ponder this

How does the position you take in the room or space change your perception? Do you discover things that you didn’t see before?


Make new paths with the string. Wander along your own and other people’s paths!

Talk about it

Why did you choose this position in the room or space? What makes it special?


Now fill the room/space with your voice!

  • Send shouts/sounds from your chosen position into the room/space.
  • Try to trace with the strings which space the shouts/sounds occupy.