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Permanent exhibition

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Bringing symbols to life

Creative project Factory
Technique: Drawing
I can do alone: Yes
Required time: < 20 minutes
City: Home
Theme worlds: (Hi)stories, Text & Image

What if you could bring symbols and characters to life like in a movie? Maybe they jump, fly, dance? With a flip book it’s child’s play! Just follow the steps and become the director of your own little cartoon.

Explained briefly

In an animated film, various tricks are used to create a film from individual images. Images are animated, i.e., set in motion, using various techniques. The single images can be drawn by hand or on computer, or photographed. The simplest animation technique is the flip book. When you turn the pages slowly, you see individual images, and when you flip them quickly, you see a “short film.”

Step 1

Choose a character or symbol. Draw it with pencil on one of your pages.

Step 2

Hold the page against a bright window pane and put a second page over the motif. Trace it and change it a little bit.


Now use the new drawing as a template for the next page and so on. This is how you animate your flip book piece by piece.


When all the pages are finished, lay them out on the table one after the other.


If you like, color them. You can also design the background.


Put the pages back on top of each other in the correct order. Start with the final image and end with the opening scene, which is now on top.


Do you know other techniques to animate pictures to make a short movie?


Think about a cover for your flip book. Maybe you can even come up with a title?


Finally, connect the pages at the top with the rubber band.

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