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Design a shelter

Creative project Factory
Installationsansicht der Ausstellung 'Alexandra Bircken: A-Z' im Museum Brandhorst.

Key data

Technique: Three dimensional design
I can do alone: Yes
Required time: < 45 minutes
City: Home
Theme worlds: Space, Body Images


What protects our body besides our skin and our clothes, which wrap around our body like a second skin? Is there such a thing as a third skin? What could it look like? Try it too and create your own miniature shelter with the help of the following modules.

Instructions for making it yourself

You will need

  •  various materials and found objects
  • liquid glue / sticky tape
  • wire wool, strings
  • needle and thread

Talk about it

Leather, cotton wool, nylon, stitching (thread). What are the properties of these materials?

Step 1

What materials do you associate with protection?


Collect different materials and found objects, such as branches, cotton wool, newspapers or textiles.

Step 2

Create a small-scale shelter from the materials you have collected. Connect them by gluing, sewing or weaving them together.


What materials are used in your shelter?

What properties and special meanings do they have for you?

Delve deeper

Learn more about the theme of “shelter” and what it means to artist Alexandra Bircken:


Do the original meanings and functions of materials remain when they appear in new contexts?

Delve deeper

Artist Factory

Artist Alexandra Bircken

was born in Cologne in 1967.