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Cyber glasses

Creative project Factory

Key data

Technique: Three dimensional design
I can do alone: Yes
Required time: < 20 minutes
City: Home


Our perception can be altered by means of certain extensions of the body. We can use them to influence our vision or hearing, or even to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds! What if you could change your senses through an aid and, for example, see with different eyes? In this project you can create cyber glasses that allow you to see the world in a new way.

Instructions for making it yourself

Du brauchst

  • Packaging materials and found objects, e.g. small cardboard boxes, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons
  • String
  • Rubber bands
  • Sticky tape
  • Various filters, e.g. tracing paper, aluminum foil, nets, nylon tights
  • Handicraft material for decorating


The eye is our gateway to the world. It allows us to notice our surroundings, to see shapes, colors, and movements. Have you ever tried to deliberately change your vision?


How do you want to see your surroundings?

Which objects or materials give you a new and exciting view of your environment when you look through them?


Look for packaging materials, toilet paper rolls or egg cartons, for example.


Make a frame, like a pair of glasses, that changes your field of vision:

  • Connect the objects or materials so that you can see through them.
  • Use string, rubber bands or sticky tape, for example.


Not every living being sees in the same way. Some people see more clearly and babies, for example, only see in black and white in the first few weeks. In the animal world it is a different matter again. Bees, for example, see through a grid. And art, too, is literally “in the eye of the beholder.”

Ponder this

Welche besonderen Fähigkeiten verleiht dir deine Cyberbrille?


You don’t want to hold your cyber glasses all the time? Think about a holder to attach them to your head.


Experiment with different filters:

  • Use color filters that turn your surroundings pink or green, e.g. different-colored tracing paper
  • Different patterns and structures might be interesting: perhaps a grid or a large mesh fabric and nets?

Look for materials that you can use as filters and attach them to your cyber glasses. You can glue them on or attach them with clips or rubber bands.

Schritt 5

Think of a fun design for your cyber glasses.

Maybe they are brightly colored or glittery, like a disco ball? Or will they have eyelashes and other fun additions?


Think about other practical body extensions, for example for your hands, feet or ears.

Consider this

What objects do you use in your everyday life to extend your body and give it new abilities?


What other body extensions would be useful?