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Body extensions

Creative project Factory

Key data

Techniques: Three dimensional design, Drawing
I can do alone: Yes
Required time: < 45 minutes
City: Home


There are already a wide variety of ways to enhance or improve our bodies today. In medicine, for example, prostheses or pacemakers are used to restore important bodily functions. Our perception can also be changed by certain enhancements—for example, glasses. What new or altered abilities would you like to give your body? For example, how about being able to read the minds of others or take off in rocket boots? Let your imagination run wild.

Instructions for making it yourself

You will need

  • A4 sheets of paper
  • different pens or paints
  • found objects, e.g. packaging and craft materials, milk cartons, toilet paper rolls, cardboard straws, egg cartons…
  • sticky tape
  • wire
  • stapler

Step 1

Create a concept for your body extension on an A4 sheet of paper:

  • What? Write down the body part or body function for which you plan an extension.
  • Why? Why might this extension be useful?
  • How? Describe the functions of the body extension.
  • Sketch the design.

You can write, draw or combine both!


Now build a prototype of your body extension!


Search for suitable materials at home, e.g. packaging material, milk cartons, Kinder eggs…



A prototype is a simplified model of a product. It is made in the development process to see if a product works, and it is always evolving. The production of a prototype is also called prototyping.

Consider this

What objects do you use in your everyday life to extend your body and give it new abilities?


What other body extensions would be useful?


What superpowers do you wish you had? What could you use help with? What would you enjoy doing?