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Sauerbruch Hutton Museum Brandhorst

Museum Brandhorst

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The museum building with its long, two-story rectangular structure and multicolored facade of 36,000 vertical ceramic rods was designed by Sauerbruch Hutton Architects and is located in the Kunstareal in Munich's Maxvorstadt district. 23 different colors can be counted and assigned to three color families: pastel shades, bright colors and darker nuances. The rainbow-like color scheme was inspired by the colors of the existing facades in Maxvorstadt.

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In 1989 Louisa Hutton and Matthias Sauerbruch founded the Sauerbruch Hutton architectural office. Colorful facades and sustainability are their trademarks—as is the case with Museum Brandhorst, which opened in 2009. Instead of air conditioning, the building is cooled via water pipes in the walls, and instead of a heating system, the higher groundwater temperature of Maxvorstadt is used as a source of heat. The architecture is thus even environmentally friendly!

Nine-meter-high walls and at the same time small, tranquil rooms—both can be found at Museum Brandhorst. Some of the interiors and their decor recall those in private living rooms: parquet flooring, cozy armchairs, handrails made of soft leather on the stairways. Domestic atmosphere and imposing museum building in one?

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"Like a large abstract painting, the façade draws attention to the museum as a place of living art in the urban space."

Sauerbruch Hutton


Is the museum a total work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk)? The furniture in the exhibition rooms, the foyer and the museum café was also designed by the architect duo. They named the furniture series “Munich Family.”

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For Cy Twombly’s painting cycle “Lepanto” the architects designed a separate room in the museum. How do the architecture and the hanging influence our experience of art?

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