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Seth Price

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was born in East Jerusalem, a district of Jerusalem claimed by Palestine and Israel, in 1973.

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Seth Price makes sculptures and paintings from very unusual materials, composes music and writes texts. His work, he says, is about testing, thinking, researching and experimenting. His works emerge from these processes.

Experimenting with production processes plays a very large role in Seth Price’s work. He uses unusual, sometimes high-tech materials such as tinted resin and UV-cured ink on plastic, appropriates the most unusual techniques for his work, such as vacuum packaging, and combines these in his works series.

As a teenager he took art lessons, but decided against attending art school. Instead he studies literature and political science at Brown University in the US state of Rhode Island. In 1998 he oved to New York, where his creativity fully blossomed.

Ponder this

Places, cultures, but also scenes can strongly influence people’s biographies. What creative influences are you exposed to? Who or what influences you? What are you striving for? 

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Seth Price, Vintage Bomber, 2006, UAB 1219aus der Sammlung Brandhorst

Seth Price

Vintage Bomber, 2006


With fashion you always make a statement. Through colors, shapes, materials, but also, for example, through references and the production logics that are inscribed in it. How important is that to you, or is clothing more of a practicality for you? 

Ponder this

What distinguishes a work of art made by hand from one created on a computer? 


What social codes or existing orders are woven into our garments? 

At the beginning of his career he worked as a technical assistant in the influential New York media art laboratory Electronic Arts Intermix, where he mainly edited videos by other artists. At his workplace he had access to a computer and thus to video and image editing programs. This enabled him to access freely available information and images, digitally alter them, and create something new from them.


The internet, clouds and smartphones are creating huge image memories on the web that we all feed into. A wide variety of everyday images are available as material, while at the same time data protection and privacy are the subject of increasingly heated debate. Where do you stand on this? 

In his work, Seth is concerned with the constant and rapid changes in our technologized environment. That is what drives him on.

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Artwork Factory

Artwork Seth Price, Image Rights Style Bag, 2012

Seth Price goes toe-to-toe with privacy: the artist uses linen and printed cotton lining, which he sews together to make envelopes. The 1.22 x 2.43 m “soft sculpture” is torn open. In fact, it is so soft that it can be folded like a garment and displayed again and again in a new form.