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Jutta Koether

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was born in Cologne in 1958.

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Jutta Koether is a painter, but she also works and plays with other artistic genres. For example, she writes texts about other people’s art, or organizes performances in which she also plays music.

Jutta Koether likes to use the color red in her works, in all kinds of nuances. Depending on what she wants to express with the picture, the color takes on different meanings: pain, shame, hysteria, intensity, aggression, provocation, make-up, desire or being a woman.

Delve deeper

Artwork Factory

Artwork Jutta Koether, Fresh Aufhebung, 2004

The work “Fresh Aufhebung” consists of 170 canvases, which always have the same format of 50 by 40 centimeters. The paintings were created over the course of a year, with the artist Jutta Koether never painting more than one picture from the series per day. In the museum, the canvases, painted with black acrylic paint, are hung close together on the walls of a room. On display are pale streaks, compositions of dots and circular shapes, or somber swirls.

Jutta Koether grew up in Cologne, where she studied philosophy and art education. At the beginning of the 1980s, a group of artists caused a stir there: the Neuen Wilden, or new wild ones, most of whom were male painters. Jutta exchanged views with them, but as a woman she often had the impression that she didn’t really belong. She felt she had to—and wanted to! —go her own way.

The strokes Jutta Koether makes with the brush in “Fresh Aufhebung” (2004) are wildly distributed and intertwined, almost as if a labyrinth is being created on the canvas. Sometimes the lines are very thin and delicate, so that the canvas shines through; at other times Jutta uses so much paint that a thick crust remains, covering everything.

Talk about it

Do people tell you all the things you cannot do? Overlook you? Exclude you? Often it’s their fear of your strength or potential. Don’t listen to them, go your own way at your own pace and find the strategies and people that will help you move forward. 

In the early 1990s, Jutta Koether moved to New York. There she painted pictures and invited people to participate in different ways.

In some of her works, Jutta Koether seems to trace with her brush the engagement of earlier artists, such as Nicolas Poussin, with their work, and to continue it herself.


What is the advantage of having pictures integrated into a performance or a musical dance, or as part of a procession? 

Ponder this

When was the last time you took a close look at something? For longer than just a fleeting moment? Until you can barely keep still and you suddenly get involved with what confronts you? Sometimes quiet and small, sometimes loud and large… 

Jutta Koether enjoys unravelling artworks, placing them in different contexts, looking for meanings in them, talking to others about them and perhaps discovering something that has not been said about the works before. She believes it is very important to look at paintings closely.