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Nicole Eisenman. What Happened

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Nicole Eisenman (*1965) stands out in every medium and continues to push boundaries by working against the grain. Traditions of European painting history are traversed by queerness and popular culture, and typically ideal body images are deconstructed in gigantic, at times grotesque sculptures. In doing so, Eisenman often looks ironically, but not without empathy, at the misery of human existence.

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ca. 90 minutes

Curated by

Dr. Monika Bayer-Wermuth, Dr. Mark Godfrey

About the exhibition

Eisenman has been one of the main figures of the New York art scene since the 1990s and is today one of the most influential contemporary artists. For the first time, Museum Brandhorst is showing the entire spectrum of Eisenman’s work as a painter and sculptor, spanning three decades. It is an oeuvre that always manages, in an anarchic way, to be both an homage to and a critic of its own subject, with art historical, social, political and deeply human relevance.


Already in the 1990s Eisenman attracted attention with depictions of lesbian figures in drawings and monumental murals that ranged from sarcastic to biting. The large-format, figurative paintings have experienced great popularity since the 2000s, directly relating to Eisenman’s own world and not infrequently portraying everyday life with humor and compassion. In recent years, large outdoor sculptures testify playfully to Eisenman’s exploration of corporeality in a public art sphere that is dominated by traditional figurative monuments.


The work of Nicole Eisenman not only challenges us to rethink heteronormative art historiography, but also witnesses America’s political and social development from the post-Reagan to the post-Trump eras through a queer perspective. An exhibition by Museum Brandhorst in cooperation with the Whitechapel Gallery London. Curated by Monika Bayer-Wermuth and Mark Godfrey.

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Rückenansicht einer Person, die eine andere Person im Computerbildschirm betrachtet
Malerei, auf der eine Person in einem zerschlissenen Segelboot in Form eines Tierschädel zu sehen ist.
Malerei, die einer Person beim Fernsehen auf einem Sofa zeigt
Malerei mit gelbem Hintergrund und Wüstenlandschaft durch die drei Figuren auf einem Pferd, mit einer Taschenlampe und einer Drohne schreiten

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