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Museum Brandhorst
Theresienstraße 35A 80333 München
Guided tour

Flowers of Memory. Monet and Twombly

Key data

  • Time of day5:00 until 6:00 PM
  • Target groupAdults
  • RegistrationTour included in the price of admission | Please pick up your ticket at the information desk about 30 minutes before the tour starts | Free tickets for children and young people under 18 years


The water lily painting by Claude Monet around 1915, now housed in Munich, encounters the large rose motifs created by Cy Twombly in 2008. As part of the Munich Flower Power Festival, Museum Brandhorst is dedicating its Rose Room to this and other encounters, which have been compiled under various aspects, beginning with memory. Monet's late work became the impetus for abstract-gestural painting in the USA, from which Twombly in turn developed his artistic position. Monet created his water lily motifs in his studio in Giverny, in the midst of his inspiring garden. Twombly’s rose paintings were created in his studio in Gaeta, Italy, overlooking the sea and its colors. What memories are contained in the motifs and their realization, and what do we remember when we look at these paintings?

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