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Press release

Guyton\Walker: Remodelling of the Foyer

Guyton\Walker: Remodelling of the foyer as a location for performances, films, lectures, and music events

Foyer des Museum Brandhorst mit Zebra Vorhang von Wade Guyton und Kelly Walker Architektur: Sauerbruch und Hutton
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Press release

Munich, March 16, 2017 - The Museum Brandhorst is creating a new space in the foyer for performances, films, music events and discussions. The artist duo Guyton\Walker has been invited to design an almost 50 metre long curtain and a total of seven sliding screens. The elaborately printed elements can be used flexibly. A digitally processed zebra motif covers the whole of the inner side of the curtain with sliced oranges and bananas providing coloured highlights on the outside. The curtain and screens not only provide light protection and act as a black-out but also enable the space to be divided flexibly. In this way the restaurant area can be transformed into an experimental art space in next to no time and used more frequently for performances, films, lectures and music events. These performative forms of art and discourse which have significantly influenced developments in art since the 1960s will now have a permanent place on the Museum Brandhorst’s agenda.


The internationally renowned artist duo Guyton\Walker, comprising Wade Guyton (*1972) and Kelley Walker (*1969), has been systematically focussing on the circulation and manipulation of digital images over the past few years. Guyton\Walker subject a fixed set of motifs – abstract stripes, scans of sliced fruit, zebra and chessboard patterns – to all conceivable image processing methods: the motifs are enlarged or scaled down, drawn out length or breadth-wise or shown in close-up and the range of colours altered. The shift from the visual arts to the realm of graphic and product design is fluid. The images are printed on random materials and objects and span totally different social contexts – from paint tins to tables, cocktail glasses and screens, or on a curtain in the Museum Brandhorst that reflects the shades of colour in the façade and the Maxvorstadt district that surrounds it.


The remodelling of the foyer by Guyton\Walker has been devised in close cooperation with Sauerbruch Hutton, the architects of the museum. It will be unveiled as part of the ‘Post-Apocalyptic Realism’ series of events. The series devised by Tonio Kröner and Tanja Widmann forms the prelude to a discussion programme to be held regularly at the Museum Brandhorst. In addition to temporary exhibitions and presentations of works from the collection the events will provide an ideal platform to address and reflect upon current developments in society and art theory. The aim is to pick up on and discuss topical issues with our visitors in cooperation with local partner institutes such as the universities and academies. Talks with artists as part of the film festival KINO DER KUNST (19–23 April 2017) will, for instance, be held in the foyer of the Museum Brandhorst. Other events are planned for mid September 2017 together with the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte and the Academy of Fine Arts.