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Brandhorst Flag Commission: Nora Turato


Four flags with the title "words something you can get from anybody" by the artist Nora Turato will be installed outside the museum for the "Brandhorst Flag Commission."

Exhibition info



Curated by

Giampaolo Bianconi

Art in public space

The “Brandhorst Flag Commission” is an opportunity to bring new artworks outside the museum’s walls, into the surrounding neighborhood. Normally used to promote exhibitions, the flags, situated on the corner of Türkenstraße and Theresienstraße, will now be turned over to artists to make original works for the general public. Museum Brandhorst is delighted to continue bringing art to the people of Munich in a way that is playful and accessible.

“Turato’s use of language and bold graphics have resulted in some of the most engaging and insightful artworks of recent years."

Giampaolo Bianconi

Nora Turato, Words something you can get from anybody, 2022

The first artist invited for the “Brandhorst Flag Commission” is Nora Turato. One of the most celebrated artists working with language today, Turato has become an incisive observer of meaning—and its absence—in a linguistic era determined by the rapid pace of online life. Her flags proclaim, “words something you can get from anybody”—an indication of both the abundance and scarcity of language today.

About the artist

Nora Turato was born in 1991 in Zagreb and lives and works in Amsterdam. Recent solo exhibitions include: Museum of Modern Art, New York (2022); 52 Walker/David Zwirner, New York (2022); Secession, Vienna (2021); MGLC: International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana (2020); Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf (2020); Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto (2019); Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein (2019); and Beursschouwburg, Brussels (2019).