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Alexandra Bircken

Ausstellungsansicht Secession 2019 des Werkes

Alexandra Bircken’s art is based on the principles of separating and combining our internal and external worlds. From March 2021, Museum Brandhorst will dedicate the most extensive exhibition to date of the works of this internationally renowned German sculptor.

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ca. 90 minutes

Curated by

Dr. Monika Bayer-Wermuth

About the exhibition

Alexandra Bircken (*1967 in Cologne) is renowned for the broad spectrum of materials that she uses in her sculptures. From everyday objects such as packaging for hair coloring, rocking horses and sawed-up motorcycles to textiles in handmade and machine-processed form, to organic materials such as wood, leather, bone, or even a placenta – everything that surrounds us can become a sculptural medium. The human body always forms the central point of reference and, in its complex states and conditions, acts as the unifying constant in the sculptor’s oeuvre.


In thematically structured rooms, the exhibition will for the first time fully examine Bircken’s sculptural vocabulary and bring works from all creative periods into a dialog that explores the artist’s multilayered statements about surface, body, movement, shell and skin. The artist will also create new works for Museum Brandhorst, including an installation that refers specifically to the architecture of the exhibition space. Other pieces in the exhibition are on public display for the first time in a long time, such as the large, continuously inflating and collapsing shiny pink sculpture “Lunge”, 2013.


A comprehensive catalog will accompany the largest exhibition of the artist’s work to date, which for the first time shows Alexandra Bircken’s artistic practice in all its breadth and complexity. Alongside a curatorial essay by Monika Bayer-Wermuth, contributions by Marie-Luise Angerer, Kirsty Bell, Hans-Christian Dany, Sebastian Hackenschmidt and T’ai Smith will examine the oeuvre from various perspectives.

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