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Various Other Models: Panel discussion on hybrid institutional models with Diana Campbell Betancourt, Mareike Dittmer and Tessa Praun

  • Time of day7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
  • Duration120 minutes
  • Participantsmax. 200 people
  • RegistrationPanel discussion takes place in the foyer of the museum.


Panel discussion in the context of VARIOUS OTHERS


Against the background of an increasingly global art world, the growing importance of the art market and a fundamentally changing museum landscape, this panel discussion focuses on hybrid institutional models that are located on a spectrum between private initiative and public institution, or that have transitioned from one to the other. How have the developments and debates in the art world in recent years structurally affected these models? To what extent does the globalized art public play a role within this conversation?



·         Diana Campbell Betancourt (Artistic Director, Samdani Art Foundation and Chief Curator, Dhaka Art Summit)

·         Mareike Dittmer (Director, Art Stations Foundation CH/Muzeum Susch)

·         Tessa Praun (Director and Chief Curator, MAGASIN III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art)


Moderated by Achim Hochdörfer and Patrizia Dander

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