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Current exhibitions

Werkabbildung zu 'May of Teck' von Lucy McKenzie aus der Ausstellung 'Lucy McKenzie - Prime Suspect' im Museum Brandhorst Exhibition

Lucy McKenzie – Prime Suspect

Current events

Arthur Jafa, Monster (2018), UAB \ Digital

Performance workshop | Empathy (Part 2)

Museum Brandhorst
Theresienstraße 35A 80333 München
Kinder bearbeiten Kinderkreativheft an Kunstvermittlungsstation im Museum Brandhorst mit Buntstiften von Lyra

Online workshop | Pop-Up Factory – The power of text

  • LanguageGerman
  • Time of day1:30 PM until 3:00 PM
  • Duration90 minutes
  • RegistrationLimited number of participants | Registration until the day before or the previous working day at


Normally we see texts as a means of communicating thoughts and pay less attention to how they look. But on posters, advertisements and pictures we can perceive very differently designed fonts. How are they used and what do they achieve? Can images also emerge from typefaces? Not only copywriters who think up and design advertising slogans, but also artists have discovered typefaces for themselves and experimented with them. Can you imagine what a squashed S looks like? We will look at this and other works together, to get our own ideas for typeface images.



When your registration is confirmed you will receive a link to the online offer and also a list of materials. After all, our workshops are not only about listening and watching, but also doing and making.



*** Important note: This online offer is aimed exclusively at children or families with children from the age of 6. It is forbidden to record the event, or parts of the event, or to take screenshots. We reserve the right to exclude persons from the online event who cannot credibly prove that they are participating together with a child. By registering you accept these terms of use.***




On the Museum Brandhorst website you will find further ideas for engaging with the topic of art and typography: Discover, for example, the ActioncART on Ed Ruscha - Re-Mark-Able? Sure Thing! 




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