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Cy Twombly

Untitled (Capri)

  • Year1960
  • MaterialPencil, colored pencil and wax crayon on paper
  • Dimensions71.3 x 100.3 cm
  • Year of acquisition1986
  • Inventory numberUAB 442
  • On viewUpper floor

More about the artwork

Twombly made Italy the center of his life starting in the late 1950s. At this time he completed filigree paintings and drawings with many small markings. The spidery lines, usually on white, sometimes grubby backgrounds, remind one in equal measure of New York graffiti and the inscriptions and carvings of Roman ruins. Increasingly, allusions to his new adopted home and Mediterranean culture also appeared. “Untitled (Capri)” recalls a landscape: a cloud floats above the white space, and beside red and yellow hatching is the note “Sunset.” At the upper right, next to the signature, Capri is stated as the place where the picture was made.

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