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It matters—Sculpture and Materiality



Permanent exhibition

Cy Twombly at Museum Brandhorst

Nicola L.

Little TV Woman: ‘I Am the Last Woman Object’

  • MaterialVinyl, wood, and television
  • Dimensions50 x 111.5 x 45 cm
  • On viewGround floor
  • CopyrightNicola L., Little TV Woman: „I Am the Last Woman Object“, 1969
    © Nicola L. Photo: Kyle Knodell

More about the artwork

Nicola L.’s “Little TV Woman: ‘I Am the Last Woman Object’”—a figure sitting on the floor, equipped with drawers instead of breasts and a television instead of a belly—was first displayed in the window of a Paris jewelry boutique in 1969. A sculptural piece of furniture, it is one of a series of works that the artist described as “functional objects” intended for everyday use. They bear witness to the blending of art and commodity culture that characterized Pop Art at the time. But Nicola L. also tackled stereotypical notions of women in the domestic environment and in the media. “I am the last woman object. You can take my lips, touch my breasts, caress my stomach, my sex. But I repeat it, it is the last time,” reads the text on the monitor. “Little TV Woman” invites interaction, while at the same time questioning it. In keeping with the feminist movements of the 1960s, Nicola L. criticized how female bodies are turned into objects or commodities.

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