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Kerstin Brätsch

Holo Mai Pele, Is It You or Perhaps You? (Mund der Wahrheit), 2012–2016 Holo Mai Poli‘ahu: Facefold (dritte Dame), 2012–2016, Both: „All Ready Maid Betwixt and Between“-series on: „Full-Fall Struttura #1“, 2016

Information about the artwork

  • Year2012-2016
  • MaterialLuster, enamel, and Schwarzlot on antique glass, drawn glass, rolled glass shards, glass jewels, agate slices, lead; Luster and Schwarzlot on antique glass, church-window bordering, glass jewels, agate slices, lead; iron, neon tubing
  • Dimensions170 x 188 x 58 cm
  • Year of acquisition2018
  • Inventory numberUAB 1103
  • On viewCurrently not exhibited

More about the artwork

Since 2011, Kerstin Brätsch has been working with glass, a material that we often overlook even though it is ubiquitous—not least in the form of our smartphone touchscreens, which we use for much of our daily communication. But Brätsch deliberately decided against these industrially manufactured glass surfaces. Instead, she uses historic church-window trims, glass stones, and thin agate slices, which are fit into hand-painted antique glass panes with tin solder. She developed these works with the Swiss glass master Urs Rickenbach, who, according to Brätsch, “lends me his hands” as a trained craftsman. Illuminated from below, the glass works transform into ghostly pictorial bodies: the recesses render them into masks, knobby hands, and grimacing mouths and eyes. The display for these fragile compositions was designed by the artist duo Full-Fall.

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