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Nicole Eisenman. What Happened




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Nicole Eisenman. What Happened

Permanent exhibition

From Andy Warhol to Kara Walker. Scenes from the Collection

Permanent exhibition

Cy Twombly at Museum Brandhorst

Thomas Eggerer


  • Year2020
  • MaterialOil, resin, beeswax on canvas
  • Dimensions340.4 x 322.6 cm
  • Year of acquisition2021
  • Inventory numberUAB 1273
  • On viewGround floor
  • Copyright© Thomas Eggerer, Petzel Gallery. Photo: Thomas Mueller

More about the artwork

The perspective is familiar: protests are often visualized in media images as groups of people shot from above. But they do not merge into one mass. In his monumental painting “Corridor” (2020), Thomas Eggerer interweaves around 300 static, faceless figures and the visual codes of protests, such as banners, umbrellas, and uniform T-shirts with an empty urban landscape. But what the people stand for or against remains unclear—the banners are blank. Like standardized figures in a puppet theater, animated by invisible strings, they seem to move through a fixed corridor. Eggerer focuses on the relationship between free will, authority and control. It is not the individual protagonists, but the carefully composed concert of deviations, resonances, group formations and alliances that make up the magic of human community and solidarity.

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