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art -Sonderheft: Andy Warhol & Keith Haring. Party of Life


Andy Warhol & Keith Haring. Party of Life” is the world’s first institutional exhibition dedicated to the two artists. They met in New York’s art and clubbing scene in the 1980s, influencing each other—and many others besides. The exhibition traces Warhol’s and Haring’s friendship within this cosmos. It also reveals parallels in their artistic identities, their openness to collaboration, and how they both revolutionized established ideas about art and its dissemination. Drawing from Warhol’s influential “Interview” magazine and inspired by Haring’s belief in art for everybody, “Magazine” is a special issue accompanying the exhibition. Interviews and articles by international contemporaries, curators, and journalists alternate with photo series and magazine-like formats. They offer many insights into the stories, histories, and people behind some of the exhibition’s artworks and themes. This publication is a cooperation between Museum Brandhorst and the magazine ART.

Key data

  • FormatMagazin
  • Book format0 Pages
  • LanguageGerman & English
  • Price16 ,00 € (im Museum)