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“Factory” – The creative laboratory at Museum Brandhorst

Developing art education in a participatory way

Exchange, contact and accessibility – none of this was possible while museums and cultural institutions were closed due to the pandemic. It meant that virtual possibilities to interact became all the more important. In the future, the “Factory” at Museum Brandhorst will combine the potential of both in-person and digital art education. It is conceived as an open creative workshop, a place for art production and exchange – with an art education room in the museum and an online platform.


“With the “Factory”, a hybrid creative laboratory is being created at Museum Brandhorst. The programs are intended to inspire enthusiasm for contemporary art and provide a space for experimenting with artistic techniques – completely independent of time and place. All programs are developed in a participatory way and focus primarily on the needs of pupils and teachers. We are now looking forward to the first “reality check” with young people at the hackathon.”

Kirsten Storz, Project Manager of the “Factory”


The project is developed within the framework of "dive in. Programme for Digital Interactions" of the Federal Cultural Foundation, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) in the NEUSTART KULTUR program. “dive in” supports contemporary-oriented cultural institutions in the development of education programs that test new forms of digital interaction and participation. The projects are united by the desire to get closer to the audience, to understand and get to know them better. For this reason, the “Factory” is already inviting people to actively participate in the project.


With the help of design thinking methods (a user-oriented approach to product development), the “Factory” at Museum Brandhorst is testing its concepts with various focus groups. In order to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art, workshops with teachers will take place in November and December. The focus will be on topics and requirements for (art) teaching. Afterwards, teachers will have the opportunity to use the contents of the “Factory” in their lessons and to discuss them with students. In other workshops, young people will contribute their own ideas on the contents and programs of the creative workshop. We are still looking for interested participants for both formats.


In the spirit of participatory project development, a hackathon will take place for the first time at Museum Brandhorst from October 29 to 31, 2021. In cooperation with “Jugend hackt” and “Q3.Quartier für Medien.Bildung.Abenteuer,” the “Factory” is inviting young people from all over Germany to a special event lasting several days to think digitally about culture together. Under the motto “Code & Culture,” the museum will enter into a direct exchange with around 30 young people: How can art be presented digitally? What should be considered when developing an interactive platform on current issues in art and society? Which functions are exciting? “Jugend hackt” stands for a responsible and open approach to data. Based on the idea of “improving the world with code,” young programmers have the opportunity to contribute their own project ideas at the hackathon. They will present their prototypes to the public at the big closing event on Sunday, October 31, from 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. The presentations will be broadcasted live on the “Jugend hackt” YouTube channel.


Hackathon for the art education project “Factory” at Museum Brandhorst

Presentation of the results of “Jugend hackt”:

October 31, 2021

2 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.

Ernst-von-Siemens-Auditorium in the Pinakothek der Moderne

On YouTube Livestream

Media representatives are welcome to attend, but we request registration in advance at presse@museum-brandhorst.de.


The “Factory” at Museum Brandhorst is sponsored by:

Bünemann Foundation

German Federal Culture Foundation

PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e.V.

Beisheim Foundation


The hackathon is sponsored by:

Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art

State Center for Political Education

Bezirksjugendring Oberbayern


The hackathon at Museum Brandhorst is organized in cooperation with:

Q3.Quartier für Medien.Bildung.Abenteuer

Mediale Pfade

Open Knowledge Foundation

LMU Munich







Press photos

„Factory” at Museum Brandhorst
Illustration: Stefanie Leinhos

Das Logo 'Factory' ist in blauer Schrift, auf einer comichaften Zeichnung zu sehen.

„Factory” at Museum Brandhorst
Illustration: Stefanie Leinhos

„Factory” at Museum Brandhorst
Illustration: Stefanie Leinhos

„Factory” at Museum Brandhorst
Illustration: Stefanie Leinhos

Ein Bild des Projekts 'Factory' in blauer Siebdruckoptik.

„Factory” at Museum Brandhorst
Design: PARAT.cc

Ein Bild des Projekts 'Factory' in blauer Siebdruckoptik.

„Factory” at Museum Brandhorst
Design: PARAT.cc

Hackathon in cooperation with „Jugend hackt"

Supporting the „Factory”

Supporting the „Factory”

PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek Logo

Supporting the „Factory”

Supporting the „Factory”

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