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Brandhorst Flag Commission: Nora Turato

Permanent exhibition

Cy Twombly at Museum Brandhorst

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Our subjective perception is often subject to skillful manipulation—personal stories, characters or images. Does what we see correspond to actual events? How good is our memory, what things color our memories? How objective are the media in their reporting? Artists also make (self-)presentation or dramatization the subject of their artistic work. What means do they use to present their views or to protect their privacy?

Are we always able to distinguish clearly between actual events, subjective perception and reporting?

Does our perception always have the upper hand? Is it sensitive to all kinds of external and internal influences? Sometimes we see what we want to see, other times we are cleverly deceived and only rarely do we experience “objective” reporting based only on facts. The selection and compilation of images and information has an enormous power over us.

Artwork Factory

Andy Warhol, Mustard Race Riot, 1963

The title of this large diptych by Andy Warhol, almost 4 x 3 m in size, refers on the one hand to the photographs used and on the other hand to the color of the two canvases. Dense

Artwork Factory

Wolfgang Tillmans, Buchholz & Buchholz Installation 1993, 1993

This room represents an exact replica of the Buchholz & Buchholz Gallery, where Wolfgang Tillmans exhibited his photographs in 1993. Here the artist tested a form of presentation i

Artwork Factory

Cady Noland, Tanya as a Bandit, 1989

Almost life-size, the artist Cady Noland transfers a photo of a young woman onto an aluminum display by means of silkscreen. Holding a machine gun in her hands, the figure stands i

Who are your role models and what have you learned from them?

Self-dramatization and interest in body trends are part of our world. We are always on the lookout for role models and guidance. Nowadays, we also draw heavily on the media. This in turn influences the way we present ourselves on social media with posts, photos and videos. How do your role models from your environment and in the media present themselves? What do you admire about them?

Artist Factory

Nicole Eisenman

was born in Verdun, France, in 1965. They live and work in Brooklyn.

Artist Factory

Cady Noland

was born in Washington, D.C., USA, in 1956.

Artist Factory

Jean-Michel Basquiat

was born in New York, USA, in 1960 and dies there in 1988.

How do you show yourself to others?

There are different ways to showcase something, another person or yourself. You can use them to emphasize different things and hide or paint over others. What means do you like to use to present yourself? Loud, provocative; quiet or withdrawn? What do you want to awaken in your audience? Do you have a favorite artist or work of art that uses deception? How do they do it?

Artwork Factory

Lucy McKenzie, Rebecca, 2019

A painted mannequin is at the center of this picture. She is placed in an interior full of specially-designed objects. Marble, wooden and silky materials. A book about the dramatic

Artwork Factory

David LaChapelle, Recollections in America, VI: Kahlua and Milk, 2006

The photograph is part of the series “Recollections in America” by the US- American artist David LaChapelle. In this photo, a lively party seems to be in progress. But the celebrat

Artwork Factory

Andy Warhol, Ladies and Gentlemen (Wilhelmina Ross), 1975

The work on paper is composed of several layers of images: the print based on a portrait photo, a transparency, colored paper and tape. Andy Warhol assembles the portrait of an unk

Why do we change, distort or manipulate images?

Sometimes a certain dramatization can only be seen when we look closely, or it speak to us in ways we didn’t expect. It does not follow the usual patterns or models; instead, artists question the self-evident. Other works scream at us with their distortions. They are loud and explosive and want to provoke us to see how explicit they can be.

Artwork Factory

Atelier E.B (Lucy McKenzie und Beca Lipscombe), Faux Shop, 2018

“Faux Shop” is a sculptural installation and at the same time a shop window for a fashion collection. The shop window mimics a women's clothing store. Lucy McKenzie painted the mar

Artwork Factory

Lucy McKenzie, Rebecca, 2019

A painted mannequin is at the center of this picture. She is placed in an interior full of specially-designed objects. Marble, wooden and silky materials. A book about the dramatic

Artist Factory

Andy Warhol

was born in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA in 1928 and died in New York in 1987.