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Image Rights Style Bag

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Seth Price goes toe-to-toe with privacy: the artist uses linen and printed cotton lining, which he sews together to make envelopes. The 1.22 x 2.43 m “soft sculpture” is torn open. In fact, it is so soft that it can be folded like a garment and displayed again and again in a new form.

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In order to protect their contents from prying eyes, letters that contain confidential information are sent in envelopes with a pattern printed on the inside. Seth takes up this motif in his envelope, but also uses it in clothing that he designs.


What role does the pattern play in “Image Rights Style Bag”?

Seth Price not only plays with patterns, but also with materials. The envelope is made of canvas, a material that is used in art primarily as a surface on which to paint. Painting, fashion, digital space: Do you think about any other areas of life when you look at Seth’s work?

Fashion designers also line their clothes with their company’s own patterned material, in order to increase the recognition value of their brand and strengthen customer loyalty. Can they really get away with that?

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How important are privacy and a protected space in the virtual world? How much access from the outside do we allow?

"A human body subjected to frenzies of processing is an aggressive and disturbing alienation, but the threat is also fascinating; like a gif-compressed headshot, a cubist portrait recalls the ancient ritual gesture of donning a mask or hood, and the ambivalent pleasures of othering oneself. Fashion also hunts this path."

Seth Price


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Artist Seth Price

was born in East Jerusalem, a district of Jerusalem claimed by Palestine and Israel, in 1973.