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Brandhorst Flag Commission: Philipp Gufler


La vie en rose. Brueghel, Monet, Twombly

Permanent exhibition

From Andy Warhol to Kara Walker. Scenes from the Collection

Permanent exhibition

Cy Twombly at Museum Brandhorst

Jutta Koether Fresh Aufhebung, 2004

Fresh Aufhebung

Artwork Factory

The work “Fresh Aufhebung” consists of 170 canvases, which always have the same format of 50 by 40 centimeters. The paintings were created over the course of a year, with the artist Jutta Koether never painting more than one picture from the series per day. In the museum, the canvases, painted with black acrylic paint, are hung close together on the walls of a room. On display are pale streaks, compositions of dots and circular shapes, or somber swirls.

High as heaven, low as death—every day in life feels different. Similar to the pages in a diary, Jutta Koether fills the canvases with her painting in the picture series “Fresh Aufhebung.” The artist started and finished each of these paintings on the same day. Now the paintings are exposed to the public gaze.

Jutta Koether has a trademark: large paintings in strong shades of red. Femininity and strength, but also pain and aggression are associated with these red pictures. However, for the “Fresh Aufhebung” group, Jutta repeatedly reverts to the same small format and limits herself to the color black.

"I simply believe that it is important, if you want painting to continue to thrive, to be truly something productive, positively connotated, which produces something new, you have to constantly practice how to read and perceive pictures."

Jutta Koether


Talk about it

Welche Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten bleiben der Malerei, wenn sie auf eine Farbe „eingeschränkt” wird?

The strokes Jutta Koether makes with the brush in “Fresh Aufhebung” are wildly distributed and intertwined, almost as if a labyrinth is being created on the canvas. Sometimes the lines are very thin and delicate, so that the canvas shines through; at other times Jutta uses so much paint that a thick crust remains, covering everything.


An “X” appears again and again in the pictures. But Jutta Koether does not reveal what it means. What do you think?

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Artist Factory

Jutta Koether

was born in Cologne in 1958.

Look closely

What emotions do the images transmit to you when you look at them?