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CANCELED | Forever Young

Exhibition series "Spot On"

Jaqueline Humphries

Under the title "Spot On", recently acquired blocks of works by various artists will be shown in two rooms on the ground floor in single and double presentations that will change throughout the anniversary year. From 24 May to 03 September 2019, the focus in Hall 0.7 will be on Jaqueline Humphries and a selection of her spectacular "Black Light Paintings".

Exhibition info




ca. 15 minutes

Curated by

Patrizia Dander

About the exhibition

The American artist Jacqueline Humphries is known for her abstract paintings that explore the impact of pop culture and digital technologies. On view in Hall 0.7 are five of her “Black Light Paintings” from 2005: radiant compositions of sweeping gestural brushstrokes and expressive traces of color.

The paintings are exhibited under the same conditions in which they were made: in the dark and bathed in black light, so that their fluorescent pigments radiate. In fact, the paintings became visible only gradually over the course of their making: the more color Humphries applied, the brighter her studio became. The paintings illuminate their surroundings just as screens illuminate today’s workplaces.

Humphries thus points to a basic theme of painting—the staging of light—and transforms it from a question of representation into a matter of material. Black light is of course more reminiscent of nightclubs than exhibition spaces, and this is part of the artist’s intent. She revives abstract painting—the epitome of modern art—under the sign of pop culture.

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Ausstellungsansicht Forever Young Museum Brandhorst
Ausstellungsansicht Forever Young Museum Brandhorst
Ausstellungsansicht Forever Young Museum Brandhorst