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Lucy McKenzie – Prime Suspect

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Museum Brandhorst
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Bayerische Staatsoper spielt
Themed tour

“The Impossible Encyclopedia No. 48: Power Relations” / Bavarian State Opera

  • LanguageEnglish
  • Time of day7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
  • Duration120 minutes
  • Participantsmax. 50 people
  • RegistrationNo registration necessary


“Die unmögliche Enzyklopädie” (“The Impossible Encyclopedia”), a series of events presented by the Bavarian State Opera, visits Museum Brandhorst. Based on the themes and issues emerging from the works performed in a season, the State Opera’s dramaturgy department invites you to pursue these concepts further. A voyage of discovery – together with artists, musicians from the opera house, and experts from various different professions and passions.
In terms of content, the theme of this year’s Opera season “Alles, was recht ist” (“All that is just”) is the point of departure for this format – starting from the premieres and the underlying motifs that can be found in the plot and the music. This motto of the season can be understood at different contextual levels: on the one hand the restriction of and reflection on the customary concept of law, on the other hand the attitude of “banging on the table,” when enough is really enough and indignation is high. And is such outrage not necessary when one is confronted with power relationships that have become unbalanced, and are thus perceived to be unjust?
The 48th edition of the “impossible encyclopedia” questions these “power relationships” – discussions and a reading will be held and musical performances will be presented by the opera studio and a string quartet at Museum Brandhorst in front of artworks that reflect the topic.

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