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Museum Brandhorst
Theresienstraße 35A 80333 München
BINA48 (Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture 48), robotic face combined with chatbot functionalities, owned by Martine Rothblatt's Terasem Movement, and modeled after Rothblatt's wife. Hanson Robotics, 2010

The Desire of Objects: Slavery and the Sex-Life of Machines

Key data

  • Time of day6:45 until 7:15 PM
  • Target groupAdults
  • RegistrationThe livestream will be available on YouTube.


Louis Chude-Sokei is a writer and scholar researching the relationship between technology and race. While Western modernity is built on a binary distinction between these two concepts—rational, inorganic, industrial technology on the one hand, and the primitive, hyper-organic and sexually charged Black body on the other—Chude-Sokei’s texts develop a precise analysis of their parallel histories and cultural references. Discussing examples from popular culture and literature, but also the latest technological developments, he makes their shared history of thingification visible. For it is only the definition of slaves, automatons, and robots as inhuman or not-quite human that makes the white understanding of human possible. He contrasts this with a perspective of creolization.


Fig.: BINA48 (Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture 48), robotic face combined with chatbot functionalities, owned by Martine Rothblatt’s Terasem Movement, and modeled after Rothblatt’s wife, Hanson Robotics, 2010

Speaker Louis Chude-Sokei | The Desire of Objects: Slavery and the Sex-Life of Machines

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