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Permanent exhibition

Cy Twombly at Museum Brandhorst

Museum Brandhorst
Theresienstraße 35A 80333 München
Installationsansicht Cy Twombly im Museum Brandhorst

Eye site

  • Time of day3:00 PM until 5:30 PM
  • Duration150 minutes
  • RegistrationWorkshop included in the price of admission | Limited number of spaces | We recommend booking an admission ticket (free ticket for children under 18) via München Ticket | It is possible to join at any time


Have you ever thought about the impact of something that surrounds us all the time—spaces? What effect can they have? Works of art rarely exist on their own, but are usually presented together with other works—even in virtual or digital spaces—just like items of clothing or technical devices, for example. Some artists use space as a material and develop their artworks with it or in relation to it. We want to look at how they do this and, above all, experience for ourselves what it means to work with a space and to relate to it.


With Janna Jirkova

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