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Permanent exhibition

Cy Twombly at Museum Brandhorst

Museum Brandhorst
Theresienstraße 35A 80333 München
Jeff Koons *1955, Amore, 1988, UAB258aus der Sammlung Brandhorst

Book premiere: “Liebe und andere Neurosen” by Katja Eichinger


Reading and talk with the author and chief curator Patrizia Dander


Whom do we desire? And what does our desire tell us about ourselves? How are desire, passion and love connected? In her new volume, “Liebe und andere Neurosen” [Love and Other Neuroses], Katja Eichinger writes in ten electrifying essays about the interplay between desire and uncertainty. She tells family stories like that of her great-grandmother, who spent her life standing under the apple tree, dreaming of the poor craftsman she was not allowed to marry. And she tells of her own encounters in which the essence of love revealed itself to her. Using excerpts from her book and works from the Brandhorst Collection, Katja Eichinger talks about the magic and power of love today. The book will be published by Aufbau Verlag on 11 April 2022.


Katja Eichinger has been associated with Museum Brandhorst for many years. She provided the impetus for “Yes!Yes!Yes! Warholmania in Munich,” a cooperation with FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in honor of Andy Warhol’s vast cinematic and artistic oeuvre. On the occasion of her acclaimed book “Mode und andere Neurosen” (2020) Patrizia Dander, senior curator at Museum Brandhorst, and Katja Eichinger conducted a series of conversations on the intersections of visual art and fashion. They pick up where they left off in this evening’s event.

Chair Patrizia Dander


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