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Detail der Werkabbildung zu 'Beating With a Baseball Bat' von Bruce Naumanaus dem Museum Brandhorst Digital

Performance workshop | Boundaries (Part 3)


Warhol Black Marilyn

  • Year2004
  • MaterialSynthetic polymer silkscreen on canvas
  • Dimensions15.9 x 14 cm
  • Year of acquisition2016
  • Inventory numberUAB 1057
  • On viewGround floor

More about the artwork

Sturtevant was known for repeating the works of other artists. In this way, she turned the visual logic of Pop Art—to reproduce or multiply already existing motifs—back on itself. As early as 1964, she chose works by Andy Warhol for repetition: first his “Flowers” series, and as of 1965 his iconic “Marilyn” depictions. The “Warhol Black Marilyn” shown here is a late reprise from 2004. But Sturtevant was not interested in mere, true-to-detail repetition. She objected to the accusation that her works were simple copies and thus upset conventional notions of originality and authorship, for what then distinguishes her works from their predecessors? An answer lies in the “Marilyn” version shown here, to which there is no direct precursor in Warhol’s œuvre. Sturtevant increased the drastic effect of the original motif. The contour of her lipstick is smeared, her smile turns into a grimace. What was already implicit in Warhol—he began his series in 1962 shortly after Monroe’s death—becomes evident in Sturtevant: Marilyn Monroe is turned into a symbol of transience and mortality.

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