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Art info about Cy Twombly in the Lepanto Room

Andy Warhol

Round Marilyn

  • Year1963
  • MaterialAcrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas
  • Dimensions45.2 x cm
  • Year of acquisition2000
  • Inventory numberUAB 504
  • On viewGround floor

More about the artwork

In 1962, Andy Warhol discovered screen printing for his art. By using this technique, he was able to serially integrate media images into his painting. Now a famous and often-copied portrait series, Warhol embarked on his paintings of the actress Marilyn Monroe after her death in the summer of 1962. He used a press photo for the film “Niagara” (1953); her idealized image is seductive and of breathtaking beauty. For three works in the series, he primed the canvas in gold; two of the works were created as tondos. The golden background, which in sacred art symbolizes the realm of the divine, bestows her with a quasi-religious aura. But Monroe’s sanctity had already been crushed at this point. Whether it was suicide or contract murder (still a matter of speculation today), her death was not least the product of a society that fed on the fame of its stars as relentlessly as it indulged in their demise.

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