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Permanent exhibition

Cy Twombly at Museum Brandhorst

Franz West

Paßstücke mit Box und Video

  • Year1996
  • MaterialMetal, plaster, gauze, plastic, wood, fabric, video recorder, video
  • On viewBasement floor

More about the artwork

Franz West’s “Passstücke,” date back to the beginning of his sculptural activity and form the basis of  the subsequent work by the Austrian artist. In the work “Passstücke mit Box und Video” the museum visitors are invited to physically interact with the four objects made of plaster. The “(self-)exploration” can also be carried out in a booth behind a closed curtain. Inspiration is provided by the video showing examples for their use. The visitor’s own perception is stimulated by testing the limits of the body with the prosthetic extensions. The focus here is not the idea of physical optimization, but rather the attempt to give form to psychological states. It is no coincidence that West described his “Passstücke” as neuroses turned into form. His sculptures bring the viewer’s own experience into focus—without prescribing a specific goal.

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