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Bruno Gironcoli

Ohne Titel (Baby auf drei Beinen)

Information about the artwork

  • Translated titleUntitled (Baby on Three Legs)
  • Year1992-1996
  • MaterialCast aluminum
  • On viewCurrently not exhibited
  • Copyright© Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Bernhard Sickert. Courtesy Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck/Wien

for kids (and anyone else who is curious!)

Has an intergalactic Easter bunny with a ribbon on its tail landed in our museum from outer space? He’s on a tripod, which in turn has been fitted with three clown-like masks. It seems that you can operate small levers there, which stick out ahead, instead of jaws. If you look a little closer, you might ask yourself what the mysterious crushed plastic bottle is all about and why our silver rabbit has only one ear. A look at the title of the sculpture gives us a hint! It says there in parentheses: “Baby on Three Legs.” Try holding your head at an angle for a bit, and you might recognize parts of a baby. It is not fully developed and looks more like a being from outer space. Half technological body, half human. It bends its arms and holds two propellor-like wings. The head opens into an orifice, or oversized eye; human legs are replaced by the tripod. What might its mission be? Does the sculpture make you laugh or do find it scary? The Austrian artist Bruno Gironcoli revealed a little bit about his work: “The sculpture is an escape room, a daydream. (…) sculpture is a concentration in which are buried: past ideas of form and desirable forms, day and night dreams (...).”

This way to the Factory

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