Museum Brandhorst

Jutta Koether - Tour de Madame

18 May 2018-21 October 2018

Museum Brandhorst | Kunstareal München
© Jutta Koether

It would be hard to find another artist who has shaped the post-1980s cultural landscape as enduringly as Jutta Koether (b. 1958). With over 150 works, the survey show ‘Jutta Koether. Tour de Madame’ chronologically traces the evolution of her artistic production: beginning with the early, Neo-Expressionist paintings, then onto the striking red pictures of the late 1980s, the large-scale, energetic series of the 1990s, the black paintings and material collages of the early 2000s, right through to her surprising confrontation with the tradition of history painting beginning in 2009. In a 12-part series of images produced specifically for this exhibition, Koether – referencing Cy Twombly’s ‘Lepanto Cycle’ – will address her own ‘battle’ with art history.

With many previously unshown works, the collection brought together for this show makes it possible to grasp her oeuvre in its historical significance: as a large-scale attempt to sketch out an alternative ‘counter-history’ to the Modernist, male-dominated canon.

Funded by the
and PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e. V.