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The new audioguide for the Museum Brandhorst

Since July, a new, more versatile audioguide has replaced its popular predecessor. From now on, the audioguide will grow with the collection – i.e. it will not only include visitors’ favourites but also new acquisitions that are continuously being made. Visitors will then be able to enjoy a growing range of information on offer and gain new insights into the collection at all times. The interesting and informative texts are not just aimed at first-time visitors who sometimes only have an hour to tour the museum; they also provide our numerous regular visitors with views on artworks in the collection and on architecture that, to date, have not been related. The multimedia guide is extremely easy to handle and can be listened to on devices available to rent and, from mid August onwards, also as an app on visitors’ personal mobile phones.

The new audioguide for the Museum Brandhorst
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