Museum Brandhorst

The current edition of ART magazine lists our present exhibition as one of the top ten art highlights for the month of July. The spectacular exhibition ‘Richard Avedon: Murals and Portraits’ is on show from 18 July on the lower floor of Museum Brandhorst. The combination of works on display is unique, featuring photographic murals of immense proportions, accompanied by moving portraits taken from various series in the photographer’s long career. The display spans a broad arch, from shots of vagrants and farmers, through inmates of a psychiatric hospital, up to America’s cultural and political elites. For anyone only familiar with Avedon’s work as a fashion photographer, this exhibition impressively shows that he was far more than that: Avedon used his art to make socially critical and political statements, and was, above all, an artist who took a profound look at the people he placed before the lens. For more information about the exhibition, click here.

Presently you will encounter under the title “Dark Pop” highlights from the collection. Works by Andy Warhol will playfully seek new contact with sculptures by Bruce Nauman, Robert Gober, Alex Katz and Jeff Koons, with an installation by Cady Noland and paintings by Sigmar Polke and Mike Kelley. For more information click here.

Works by the Austrian artist Franz West have entered a surprising and often funny dialogue with Cy Twombly’s works on the upper floor in the museum. Also we have now devoted two of the galleries almost exclusively to Twombly’s sculpture. They highlight the strong holdings the Brandhorst collection has in this field and show off the works as you have never seen them before. To find out more, click here.